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What Were They REALLY Saying?

photo by haraz n ghanbari ap What Were They REALLY Saying?

Political finger pointing (Photo by Haraz N. Ghanbari/AP)

People have been speculating about the dialogue between President Barack Obama and Governor Jan Brewer at Mesa Gateway Airport.  The 94.5 KOOL-FM “crack” news team has the actual transcript – complete and unedited.

“Mr. President, I cannot believe you missed the KOOL CA$H VAULT clue this morning at 6:35!   Don’t you have the Radio.com app on Air Force One?  It’s FREE!  And, you can listen to KOOL everywhere you go.  How do you expect to win if you haven’t heard the guesses??? Shame on you.”

See?  I knew you wouldn’t believe it.  That’s probably because it’s isn’t true!  I’m just funnin’ with ya.  If you want to know the real  story behind this photo, go to the next page.


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