One in Five People Would Skip a Wedding or Funeral to Go to the Super Bowl . . . and 15% Would Miss the Birth of Their Child

The Big Game

The Big Game

According to a new survey, one in five Americans would skip a friend or relative’s wedding to attend the Super Bowl . . . one in five would miss a funeral or important work function . . . one in four would skip a family vacation . . . and 15% would miss the birth of their child.

Americans are OBSESSED with the Super Bowl . . . and a lot of you would be willing to skip major life events to go to one.

A survey by found that one in four people would be willing to call off a family vacation if they got a ticket to the big game.

One in five would go even if it meant missing the wedding of a close friend or relative.  And one in five would skip the funeral of a loved one.

One in five also said they’d go to the game and miss an important work responsibility.

If all that seems extreme, consider this:  15% of Americans say they’d miss THE BIRTH OF THEIR OWN CHILD to go to the Super Bowl.

37% of people say the Super Bowl is the best major sporting event . . . four times more than the number of people who picked the World Series.


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