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Top Ten Songs Banned From Use In Political Campaigns

Over the years, many politicians have been guilty of using popular songs during campaign runs without first getting consent from the artist who sang it, which eventually ends in a cease and desist or in some cases, a big fat lawsuit from the artist.

With the Republican primary in full swing, the latest artist to ban her music from political campaigns is ’80s pop star [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Cyndi Lauper[/lastfm], who found out her song “True Colors” was being used in an attack ad against hopeful Mitt Romney.

Take a look at the artists who stopped politicians from using their music in campaigns in the top ten songs banned from political campaigns.

10. “True Colors” — Cyndi Lauper

The latest artist to pull her song “True Colors” from an attack ad on Republican hopeful, Mitt Romney. She told fans on her Twitter page, “Got a phone call saying my version of ‘True Colors’ was used in commercial trashing Romney. 1st, I never approved it. Not that I am a supporter, I’m not. But I wouldn’t have wanted that song to be used in that way. Whoever used my song should have asked, and 2nd, realized that Mr Romney can discredit himself without the use of my work.” [NME]


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