And Now, a Totally Random Comparison Between Apple the Company and Apples the Fruit



Well, just when we thought we’d seen every possible kind of media coverage about Apple, there’s this:  We’ve got an article here that compares Apple, the company, to apples, the fruit.  No, seriously.  And it’s funny!

China’s production.  China produces 44% of the world’s apples . . . and 100% of the world’s Apple devices.

Who buys the most?  Russia buys the most apples in the world, spending $550 MILLION a year . . . the U.S. buys the most Apple stuff, spending $16 BILLION a year.

How they’re sold.  72% of apples are sold fresh, 15% are sold as juice, and 13% are sold as sauce.  For Apple, 43% of sales are iPhones, 28% are iPads, 16.7% are iPods, and 12.2% are computers.

Weight.  The average apple weighs five ounces . . . and the average iPhone weighs 4.9 ounces.

Price.  For the price of one iPhone 4S, you could buy almost 2,000 apples.

So which industry is bigger?  In 2009, there were 71 million tons of apples produced, totaling $30 BILLION . . . and there were 138,000 tons of Apple products produced, totaling $32 BILLION.


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