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The Four Real Reasons Men Are Afraid to Get Married



The general consensus is that guys are afraid to get married because they don’t like commitment, or being tied down.

But obviously it’s more complicated than that, so Cracked.com came up with a list of the REAL reasons guys have a negative view of marriage.

#1.)  Guys Constantly Hear Jokes About How Horrible Married Life Is. You’ve probably seen a thousand movies and sitcoms where a guy is getting married, and his buddies have to talk him out of it.

For example, it happens during Will Ferrell’s wedding scene in“Old School”, and it’s the whole plot of the movie “Saving Silverman”.

Plus, just about every stand-up comedian who gets married ends up with an entire routine about how awful it is . . . from Sam Kinison and Richard Pryor, to Ron White and Chris Rock.

After decades of listening to it, guys end up thinking it’s universally true.


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