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The Top Four Tips for Getting Out of a Ticket

#2.)  If You Were Speeding, Admit It.  Cops hear the same excuses all the time, and they’re really good at spotting a liar.  So if you WERE speeding, just fess up.

They hear so many lies, it’s actually refreshing when someone’s honest, so they might let you off with a warning.  Whatever you do, don’t argue . . . even if you’re SURE you weren’t speeding.  It won’t do any good.

But it does help to be as prepared as possible.  For example, cops hate it when they have to stand there and wait because you can’t find your registration.  So in the interest of not annoying him, make sure you know where it is.

Just don’t put him on edge by reaching in your glove box before he gets to the car.  Instead, keep your hands on the steering wheel, and if it’s dark out, turn on your light.

He’ll appreciate the fact that you’re being considerate, and he might go easy on you.



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