George Michael Is Fortunate


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George Michael says it was the ‘worst month of his life.’ 

If you hadn’t heard, the 48-year old former Wham! frontman was admitted about a month ago for a severe case of pneumonia, Communityacquired pneumonia (CAP). CAP occurs when the lungs become filled with fluid and take up the areas of the lungs that absorb oxygen. George’s doctors stressed and forced him to rest so he could recover, as he was very weak and his outcome was unsure – as the pneumonia was severe.

He states, “”It was basically by far the worst month of my life but I’m incredibly, incredibly fortunate to be here,” he said. “If I wasn’t spiritual enough before the last four, five weeks then I certainly am now.”

British press reports said that members of his family had travelled to be by his side at Vienna General Hospital, but Michael said he had played down reports of his illness during his hospital stay for the sake of his fans. He is still recovering from a tracheotomy, but seems to be in good spirits.

We’re glad you’re doing well, Mr. Michaels!


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