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Guy Approved Christmas Movies

Clark Griswalk

Clark Griswald

As we get closer to Christmas, we’re going to get burned out on all the Christmas shows and movies out there — especially the sappy ones.

According to TheSmokingJacket.com, we have a rundown of some “guy approved” Christmas movies that have stood the test of time.

  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation— Featuring Randy Quaid as Cousin Eddie … before he went berserk.
  • Trading Places — While not known as a Christmas movie, it does take place over the three-week span between Christmas and New Years.)
  • A Christmas Story — What guy can’t identify with the quest for the Red Rider BB gun?
  • Scrooged — Bill Murray kills it as Frank Cross, a grumpy TV exec faced with the task of producing a Christmas extravaganza despite the fact that he couldn’t possibly hate the holiday more.
  • Nightmare Before Christmas — This is a fun movie, especially if you’re tripping on acid.
  • Bad Santa — The only Christmas movie ever made featuring a foul-mouthed midget and Billy Bob Thornton.

Is there one that should be added to the list?


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