And Now . . . A Summary of the Most Popular Stuff on Facebook



Facebook has compiled lists of the most popular pages and topics over the past year, and since you’ll spend a few moments checking your page at work today, I thought you might be interested in this.  Here’s a quick rundown of the year’s list-toppers.

MEGAN FOX had the fastest-growing celebrity web page this year.

“Harry Potter” had the fastest-growing movie page . . . and “House” topped the list in TV.

–And Dr. House, played by HUGH LAURIE, had the fastest-growing page among FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.

RIHANNA topped musicians . . . while her single “We Found Love” was the most listened-to song on Facebook.

(–You can see the complete lists in all these categories . . . as well as several other categories including Sports, News, Status Trends and more . . . here.)


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