One Too Many Eggnogs?


annie stensrud1 One Too Many Eggnogs?

Annie Stensrud (Photo by KEYC-TV)

Here we go…it’s holiday party season!  For most, they occur after work or on the weekend.  But, what if you have to work AFTER the party?  What if you had a few too many…libations?  What if you’re a TV news anchor?  Uh-oh!

Meet Annie Stensrud.  She works at Channel 12 in Mankato, Minnesota.  I can’t prove she was under the influence, but SOMETHING was definitely off…as this newscast will show.

This clip has gone viral over the last few days.  It’s EVERYWHERE!  Looks like Annie is no longer just a star in Mankato.  To tell you the truth, I’d rather watch her than Ryan Seacrest.  The Today Show…REALLY???


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