Five Quick Ways to Clean Up When Unexpected Guests are On the Way




Most of the year, people are nice enough to leave you alone and never, ever visit.  But this is the season when family and friends might actually have the nerve to drop by on short notice.  And that’s not good if your house is a MESS.

So here’s some advice from the website  It’s five quick things you can do to make your place look at least a LITTLE presentable when unexpected guests are on the way.

#1.)  Light a candle.  Or spray air freshener.  Or make coffee.  Or quickly throw a batch of cookies in the oven.  Also, take out the trash.  Basically, you need to replace bad smells with good smells . . . that goes a long way.

#2.)  Clear the clutter.  Just throw all the papers and debris into a box and put it out of sight.  Also, take any protective covers off the furniture.

#3.)  Do some bathroom basics.  Wipe down the sink and take a quick scrubber to the toilet.  Replace the toilet paper.  And if you have time, Windex your mirrors.

#4.)  Empty the sink.  Throw all the dishes from the sink into the dishwasher.  A full sink is one of the main signs of messiness.

#5.)  Get rid of dust.  Wipe down visible surfaces, and, if you have any time left, vacuum the room where your guests will be sitting.

#6.) Don’t answer the door!  (My personal favorite!)


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