“The Muppets” and Two Other Kids Movies Hit Theaters Today

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movies The Muppets and Two Other Kids Movies Hit Theaters Today

With everything you have to do to get ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow, the last thing you need is someone at your feet going… “Mom!  Mom! Mom!… Dad! Dad! Dad!

Why not send them to the movies!

#1.)  The Muppets  (PG)  

Jason Segel and Amy Adams help Kermit reunite the Muppets to raise money and keep the old Muppet Theater from being torn down by an oil tycoon.

Neil Patrick Harris, Jack Black, Sarah Silverman, Selena Gomez, Whoopi Goldberg, Rashida Jones, John Krasinski, “Big Bang Theory’s” Jim Parsons, Zach Galifianikis, and Ken Jeong all have cameos.

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