The Power Of Eleven

111111 The Power Of Eleven

Here we are…November 11, 2011 – or 11/11/11.  For some, it’s just a neat sequence of numbers.  For others, it’s serious business!!!  In Egypt, they actually closed the Great Pyramid of Giza today, amidst rumors that some would hold spiritual ceremonies there at 11:11:11 am!  Today’s date is linked to those infamous Mayan Apocalypse prophecies.

I don’t buy all that mumbo jumbo.  But, I AM in that first group who finds it pretty KOOL.  In fact, something out of the ordinary MAY happen on 94.5 FM at 11:11:11!

Fans of the movie “This Is Spinal Tap” have declared today Nigel Tufnel Day.  If you’ve seen the film, you know why.  If not, check out this scene for an explanation:

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