What James Garner Reallty Thought Of Steve McQueen And Charles Bronson

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garner james book cover 385x280 What James Garner Reallty Thought Of Steve McQueen And Charles Bronson

He’s acted along side Hollywood giants like Henry Fonda, charles Bronson, Steve McQueen, as well as Sandra Bullock, Ashley Judd, Rachel McAdams, and Ryan Gosling.  But James Garner will always be Bret Maverick to me.  To others he’ll be Jim Rockford.  He’s 83 now, still a great actor who’s career has spanned well over 60 years, and has included film classics like The Great Escape, Space Cowboys, and The Notebook.  He’s put it all down on paper for the first time in a new book called ‘The Garner Files’.  The first line of the book sets the tone for what follows when he says “Something funny happens as you get older. You don’t hold back so much.”  And he doesn’t, dishing out an honest account of his tough childhood and his own drug use. 

In the book, he calls his friend Steve McQueen, of the original 1968 The Thomas Crown Affair and co-star of The Great Escape an “insecure poseur and not much of an actor.” And Charles Bronson, with whom he also co-starred in the 1963 movie The Great Escape, “bitter and belligerent.”

I haven’t read the book yet, but it is on order. (it’s out today)

AP received a review copy and describes it this way:

“Full of funny stories and observations, “The Garner Files” offers the kind of clubhouse banter you might expect from a hardworking, successful guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously — and doesn’t want you to, either.”

“The Garner Files” is a classic tale of making it in Hollywood fueled, write reviewers, with Garner’s good lucks, fortune, charm, and sense of humor.

I can’t wait for my copy to arrive.

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