More Americans Believe in Ghosts Than Ever Before



You’d think in this day and age we’d be MORE skeptical than ever.  But this is a direct contradiction to that.

 According to a new nationwide survey by Rasmussen Reports, more Americans than EVER believe in GHOSTS.  31% of adults say they believe in ghosts . . . no other reputable poll has ever seen the percentage that high.

 62% of Americans say they don’t believe in ghosts.  7% aren’t sure.

  • Nicholas Adam Elrod

    spirits are lifes energy! a source of energy no one here can explain but many want to. energy is responsible for all creation including atoms explain how an atom was made without energy and i will change my tune otherwise i will keep on believing and preaching! spirits and the energy they create hold our exsitance together. pretty much saying the most raw power available is created by an invisible energy like wind but its spiritual! talk to some native american indian spiritual leaders and see what their thoughts are! thank you, sincerely nicholas adam elrod

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