Who Is The Highest Grossing Actor Of ALL-TIME?

box office Who Is The Highest Grossing Actor Of ALL TIME?

That’s SUCH a tough question!  So may actors have been hugely successful.  Names like Robert DeNiro, Johnny Depp, Will Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio come to mind.  However, NONE of those are correct.  I was floored when I saw who the Guinness Book Of World Records named the “highest grossing movie actor of all-time.”  Let me give you a hint: this actor/actress hasn’t always been the STAR of the movie.

And the honor goes to…SAMUEL L. JACKSON!  If you add up the gross earnings from all his movies, you get $7.2 BILLION!  Remember my hint.  He wasn’t always the star.  Jackson appeared in the Star Wars prequels.  He was even in Jurassic Park.  Do you remember that???

For the article in Entertainment Weekly, CLICK HERE.

For some reason, I don’t think Snakes On A Plane contributed much to that grand total.


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