Here are the Six Most Germ-Covered Surfaces We Touch Every Day



I’d go ahead and buy stock in Purell right now . . . because when you hear this you’re gonna want to run out and buy a year’s supply of hand sanitizer.

In a new study, researchers found the six most germ-covered surfaces we touch almost every day.  And the scary part is . . . most of the time we touch them without even thinking about it, so we probably don’t wash our hands afterwards.

The researchers swabbed surfaces in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, and L.A., looking for high concentrations of bacteria, mold, and dirt . . . which could spread the flu, or worse.

71% of gas pump handles had high concentrations of germs.

 –68% of public mailbox handles.

 –43% of escalator rails.

 –40% of parking meters and parking kiosks.

 –35% of crosswalk buttons.

 –And 35% of vending machine buttons.


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