Could Be The Worst Or Possibly Best Toy Ever

kackel Could Be The Worst Or Possibly Best Toy EverThose Crazy Germans.    Last year this is the hottest toy in Germany.  A pooping dachshund.  REALLY?  Yes, I want one too.  I can sit it right next to my candy pooping reindeer and Barbie’s dog Tanner.  It is now in the United States.

Kackel Dackel, the pooping dachshund. It’s just like having a real dog, if having a real dog means feeding your pet a playdoh-like substance and using a squeeze bulb to encourage him to go on the floor.  hehehe
It’s the Doggie Doo game…available at Target, Walmart…

  • Floyd Mc Williams

    I want on for my office

    • Maria Knight

      I did find that you can pre-order them. They are $50!!! holy cow!

      • David Norman

        Now for sale on Amazon for around $25. It is called Doggie Doo

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