Two Out of Five People Would Rather See a Coworker Get Fired Than Take a Pay Cut Themselves

You're Fired

You're Fired

Would you give up a few grand of your salary so that one of your coworkers could keep their job?  According to a new survey, two out of five people say . . . ABSOLUTELY NOT.

The survey was conducted by a website called  And 38% of people say they’d rather see a coworker get FIRED than take a pay cut themselves.

The survey also found that almost 60%of people would rather give up their company’s efforts to be “green” than lose their coffee machine.

When people were asked what they’d be most willing to sacrifice if their company HAD to cut something, almost half said they’d most be willing to cut back on their lunch breaks.

Giving up some cigarette breaks came in second, at 14% . . . giving up weekends somehow came in third, at 11% . . . and giving up a company car came in fourth, at 8%.

Here’s what our listeners said this morning…


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