A Convenience Store Clerk in Georgia Accidentally Sells a Woman a Ticket to the Wrong Lottery . . . and She Wins $25 Million



Why can’t this ever happen to me!!!

Last month, 44-year-old Kathy Scruggs of Lithonia, Georgia went into a Shell gas station Food Mart in Decatur, Georgia and tried to buy a ticket to the Mega Millions lottery.

But the clerk accidentally sold her a ticket to the Powerball lottery instead.

 And you can see where this is going.  Kathy’s Powerball ticket . . . that she got by accident . . . hit all five numbers AND the Powerball in the September 14th drawing.  And she won . . . $25 MILLION.

 She decided to take the lump sum . . . you ALWAYS take the lump sum . . . and will get a little over $15 MILLION before taxes.

 On Monday, she was at the Georgia Lottery headquarters in Atlanta where she claimed her prize.  The odds of winning the Powerball are one in 195,249,054.  They don’t calculate the odds for winning it ACCIDENTALLY.

 Kathy is unemployed, so clearly, getting a quick $15 mil is PROBABLY going to help things out.  She says she plans to buy a car, travel, and help out her family.


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