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Johnny Cash’s To-Do List Included a Reminder to “Kiss June”

Johnny & June

Johnny & June

I love a legend with a sense of humor.  And so I bring you JOHNNY CASH’S “Things To Do Today” list.  It was recently put up for auction . . . and it’s awesome.

#1.)  Not Smoke.

 #2.)  Kiss JUNE (CARTER)

 #3.)  Not Kiss Anyone Else

 #4.)  Cough

 #5.)  Pee

 #6.)  Eat

 #7.)  Not Eat Too Much

#8.)  Worry

#9.)  Go See Mama

#10.)  Practice Piano

 Notes:  Not Write Notes

Here’s a picture of the actual list up for auction…

Johnny Cash To Do list

Johnny Cash To Do list


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