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Five Household Chores That Burn Major Calories

Cleaning house

Cleaning house

Did you know you can burn about 250 calories an hour from gardening?  Well, you can.  And here’s a list form “Reader’s Digest” of five more household chores that burn major calories.

#1.)  Cooking.  Slaving over a hot stove burns about 150 calories an hour.  But obviously, if you do multiple taste-tests while you’re cooking, the extra calories you CONSUME can also add up. 

#2.)  Sweeping or Mopping.  They both work your upper and lower body, and each of them burn about 240 calories an hour.

#3.)  Painting.  Staining your deck or repainting a room works your arms and legs, and if you do it for an hour straight, you’ll burn about 290 calories.

#4.)  Mowing the Lawn.  One hour of mowing burns about 325 calories.  But obviously that’s only with a push mower, not a riding mower.

#5.)  Shoveling Snow.  It’s probably the last thing you’re thinking about right now.  But once winter hits, shoveling snow burns about 415 calories an hour.  Now you just need a few hours to drive to Flagstaff and back in the winter time


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