Maria Made Me Do It!

jeffrey t planking at summer splash Maria Made Me Do It!

Jeffrey T. 'planking' at Summer Splash

Just as I thought I had done it all at KOOL Summer Splash, Maria Knight convinced me (read: twisted my sunburned arm) to “plank” in the lobby of the Radisson Fort McDowell.  That’s what I am doing in the photo above.)  I had heard of this craze, but never partook.  As I showed everyone my pic, they told me that “planking” is already out of style.  Who knew???  I’m ALWAYS late to the party!  The new thing to do is either “owling” or “coning.”  I’m not quite sure I’m ready for either of those.

CLICK HERE to learn all about the art of owling.  For the truly forward-thinking, take a look at CONING.

Man, some people are REALLY bored.  Get to work!!!


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