Comic-Con 2011: Top 10 Coolest Things At This Year’s Comic-Con (page 5)

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2009 New York Comic Con - Day 2

6. 2011 Comic-Con Masquerade

comic con saturday tran 54 Comic Con 2011: Top 10 Coolest Things At This Years Comic Con

photo credit: Radio Sophie

One of the things that’s completely unique to Comic Con is the Masquerade, the annual costume ball/ fashion show where fans can show off their elaborate, incredible– and sometimes incredibly goofy– homemade costumes. It’s a wild way to spend a Saturday evening, watching a parade of hardcore fans decked out like their favorite characters from Star Wars, Batman and everything else you can imagine.

And we mean everything– last year we spotted Carmen San Diego hanging out with Waldo from Where’s Waldo!

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