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Comic-Con 2011: Top 10 Coolest Things At This Year’s Comic-Con

7. The Amazing Spider-Man

1080252221 Comic Con 2011: Top 10 Coolest Things At This Years Comic Con

Photo by John Schwartzman/Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. via Getty Images

Early buzz was a lot of movie studios were pulling out of Comic Con this year, but Sony will be at the show in full force, with previews of a bunch of their upcoming films like Ghost Rider, 30 Minutes or Less, and the star of their show– The Amazing Spider-Man!

The new movie will reboot the series from the ground up, returning the webslinger, now played by The Social Network’s Andrew Garfield, to high school for all new adventures.  The sneak peeks that have been revealed so far make this new Spidey movie look fantastic, and an appearance by the cast and crew at Comic Con is sure to build even more hype for the 2012 action movie.


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