The Average Person Has Never Met 7% of Their Facebook Friends

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facebook The Average Person Has Never Met 7% of Their Facebook Friends


Here’s more proof that Facebook has changed the definition of the word “friend.”  According to a new study, the average Facebook user has never even met 7%of their Facebook friends.  That works out to about one out of every 14 “friends.” 

 And there’s another 3% who you’ve only met ONCE.  That’s one out of 10 friends who you’ve met zero or once.

The average person has 229 Facebook friends.

–22%, or about 50 of those friends are from high school.
–12%, or about 27, are extended family.
–10%, or about 23, are coworkers.
–9%, or about 21, are from college.
–8%, or about 18, are immediate family.
–7%, or about 16, are from extracurricular groups or clubs you belong to.
–2%, or about five, are neighbors.
–And of course, 7%, or about 16, are people you’ve never met.
–The rest come from miscellaneous other places.

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