Only 14% of People Actually Watch TV Without Multitasking

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multi task8 Only 14% of People Actually Watch TV Without Multitasking


Remember, like, 20 years ago, when you’d sit down to watch a TV show and be glued to the television the entire time?  Some combination of laptops, texting, iPads, and Angry Birds has killed that off nicely.

 In a new Harris poll, only 14% of Americans say they regularly watch TV without multitasking and doing something else.

–56% of people surf the Internet on a computer while they watch TV, 18% surf the web on their mobile phone, and 7% surf on their tablet. Added up, that means, 81% of people regularly use the Internet while they watch TV.

–As for some of the other activities, 44% read a book or magazine and 7% read on their Kindle or other eReader . . . 40% are on Facebook or Twitter . . . 37% are texting . . . 29% are online shopping . . . and 30% do an activity not listed here.

–Only 3% of the people surveyed did that horribly irritating hipster “I don’t watch TV” response.

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