From Afghanistan

As a small token of our gratitude for all you do, I have enclosed an American flag that was flown on September 11, 2010 over our headquarters at Camp Eggers.  Please display it proudly, as it was flown and folded by some of America’s finest.

I am so honored to receive this flag!  I will treasure it for the rest of my life and it will remind me to always keep our brave men and women in my prayers.  Speaking of which, here is the final paragraph of his letter before the closing:

And so, as we focus our humble spirit to the continued service of this great Nation, I leave you with our heartfelt gratitude.  I ask that you pray for all Soldiers, that we may have the wisdom and courage necessary to complete our mission, serve our fellow Soldiers and return safely to the comfort of our loved ones.  I ask that you pray for our families, that they may grow from the experience and remain safe in our absence.  Finally, I ask that you pray for our great Nation, that we may always know freedom and always remember that freedom is never free.

Perhaps it’s obvious why every show I do, I recognize those who have served our country, our brave men and womenwho are serving today all over the world, and especially those in harms way.

God bless you one and all, and thank you, Col Lorenzo Valenzuela!

flag waving8 From Afghanistan

  • Cheyenne

    Cheers pal. I do arppeciate the writing.

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