10 Top Doomsday Movies

cusack tg 052011 10 Top Doomsday Movies

Tried to rent the movie 2012 in the last couple of weeks?  Or Knowing? It seems like a lot of folks are taking a second look at doomsday movies.  Here are clips from 10 of the best, so even if you can’t rent a copy for yourself, you can at least see the good parts in the trailers.  

10.  The War Of The Worlds (1953 version)

9.  Independence Day (1996)

8.  Deep Impact

7.  A.I.:  Artificial Intelligence (2001) (I haven’t met anyone that likes this movie.  I do.)

6.  28 Days Later (2002)

5.  The Core (2003)

4.  The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

3.  War Of the World (2003 version)

2.  Knowing (2009)


1.  2012 (2009)

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