OMG! Bing Crosby Defends Elvis At The Dawn Of Rock And Roll

jailhouse rock sessions april 30 1957 385x280 OMG!  Bing Crosby Defends Elvis At The Dawn Of Rock And Roll

Tonight’s Top 6 @ 6 features the six artists with the most #1 hits, and Elvis Presley is on the list.  It’s hard to believe now, but there was such an uproar over Elvis, his pelvis, and rock and roll in the early years, that he was actually banned from performing in some cities.  One town in Florida allowed him to perform, but only if he didn’t wiggle, and they had a movie camera set up to film theevent in case he violated the agreement.  Certainly none of the established pop singers of the day came to Elvis’ defense, except for one – Bing Crosby.  The man we hear ever December with White Christmas defended the king of rock and roll, even with the interviewer tried to push him in the other direction.  ” />

  • Liz

    Just goes to show that Bing Crosby was as much a class act as he was talented. :)

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