Papa John’s Says “I Dough”

papa johns Papa Johns Says I Dough
Papa John’s has its own cheesy tribute to the upcoming wedding of England’s Prince William and Kate Middleton, in the form of a pizza portrait.

A bridal veil of sliced mushrooms covers Middleton’s hair of black olives, highlighted by strands of yellow pepper. Ham chunks square off the future king’s prominent jaw, which is set off by his mozzarella smile.

pizza Papa Johns Says I Dough

Created by a food artist, the keen likeness of their smiling faces on their wedding day is available by special order to customers of Papa John’s 100 United Kingdom restaurants.

AND, where royal subjects huddle to hold a spot near Westminster Abbey for the big event on April 29, or along the route to the reception at Buckingham Palace, Papa John’s employees will be feeding pizza to the masses.


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