Who Has The Best Selling NBA Jersey?

nba logo 2 Who Has The Best Selling NBA Jersey?


KOBE BRYANT and LEBRON JAMES may each be embroiled in their own controversies right now, but it hasn’t affected their popularity yet.  They still have the two most popular NBA jerseys on the market.

But they’ve switched spots since the beginning of the season.  Kobe’s Lakers jersey used to be the top seller . . . but LeBron’s #6 Miami Heat jersey just overtook it.

Here are the most popular NBA jerseys . . .

#1.)  LeBron James,  Miami Heat

#2.)  Kobe Bryant,  Los Angeles Lakers

#3.)  Rajon Rondo,  Boston Celtics

#4.)  Amar’e Stoudemire,  New York Knicks

#5.)  Derrick Rose,  Chicago Bulls

#6.)  Dwayne Wade,  Miami Heat

#7.)  Kevin Durant,  Oklahoma City Thunder

#8.)  Carmelo Anthony,  New York Knicks

#9.)  Dwight Howard,  Orlando Magic

#10.)  John Wall,  Washington Wizards


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