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Ad Time During the Series Finale of “Oprah” Costs $1 Million

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A lot of female, non-sports fans watch the Super Bowl for the commercials.  And there’s a possibility that a lot of male, non-Oprah fans will tune into the finale of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” for the same reason.

That’s because advertisers are being charged $1 million for a 30-second spot during the “Oprah” season finale on May 25th.  And some spots could end up going for even MORE, depending on where they fall within the show.

Naturally, when companies are ponying up that kind of coin, it’s smart to deliver something awesome . . . or at least something a little special.

$1 million is only one-third of the $3 million per spot that the last Super Bowl commanded, but it’s pretty unprecedented for daytime TV . . . and it ranks high among some of the biggest primetime TV finales.

–The “Friends” finale in 2004 . . . $2 million per spot.

–The “Seinfeld” finale in 1998 . . . $1.42 million per spot.

–The “Everybody Loves Raymond” finale in 2005 . . . $1.22 million per spot.

–The “Oprah” finale in 2011 . . . $1 million per spot.

–The “Lost” finale in 2010 . . . $900,0000 per spot.

–The “X-Files” finale in 2002 . . . $679,7000 per spot.

–The “24” finale in 2010 . . . $650,000 per spot.

–The “Cheers” finale in 1993 . . . $650,000 per spot.

–The “Ally McBeal” finale in 2002 . . . $582,600 per spot.

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