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Want To Buy a Million Dollar Diamond Ring? It’s At Costco

costco logo Want To Buy a Million Dollar Diamond Ring? Its At Costco


Want to be the most impressive man EVER and buy a $1 MILLION diamond engagement ring?  Then get in your car and head straight to . . . Costco.

 That’s right.  Costco is now selling a diamond ring . . . that costs ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

It’s a 6.77-carat diamond solitaire ring with perfect cut, color, and clarity.  And believe it or not, that million dollar price is a bargain . . . based on market value, a ring with a diamond that size should go for $1.6 MILLION.

Costco has been selling engagement rings and other jewelry for years.  According to a spokesman, the thought behind adding the million dollar ring was, quote, “Why not?  We have upscale customers who know we offer value.”

And he’s right.  The average Costco shopper has a household income of $95,800, which is almost $30,000 more than the average household.  Two out of five Costco members have household incomes over six figures a year.

 If you want to get the million dollar ring, you should probably hurry . . . Costco only has ONE for sale.

costcodiamondring Want To Buy a Million Dollar Diamond Ring? Its At Costco

Million Dollar Ring

Here’s a link to the page on their website for the million dollar ring


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