Hot Wheels Treatment for Yuma

hot wheels logo Hot Wheels Treatment for Yuma
The new design showing up on Yuma police vehicles is destined to be used on Hot Wheels toy vehicles to be released next year by Mattel.

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Fifteen law-enforcement agencies from across the country have been selected to have their patrol vehicles replicated as Hot Wheels vehicles, the Yuma Police Department among them.

Police Chief Jerry Geier said he received a phone call a couple of months ago from Mattel asking if the city was interested in participating.

“What a great idea,” Geier said. “What a nice way to showcase the Police Department and the city of Yuma. Our graphics will be on toy cars throughout the country. Parents and children will know our city is out there.”

The city’s new squad-car graphics feature two swoosh streaks and the word “police” in large black lettering across the side of the vehicle.


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