Snooki Worth MORE Than Nobel Prize Winner?

snooki the 32000 woman Snooki Worth MORE Than Nobel Prize Winner?

She starred on Jersey Shore.  She won at Wrestlemania this weekend.  But, can Snooki actually SPEAK…coherently?  Rutgers University seems to think so, as  they paid her $32,000 last week to do just that!  A Nobel Prize winner is giving the commencement speech at Rutgers next month.  How much do you think THEY will get paid???

(Courtesy of CNN)

The fact that “Jersey Shore” star Snooki snagged a higher payday than Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison to speak at Rutgers University has caused quite a stir, but Morrison herself seems to be unfazed.

According to the New York Post, Snooks was paid $32,000 from student activity funds to drop advice like “study hard but party harder” at a campus event last week while Morrison was given $30,000 to provide the University’s commencement address this year.

The $2,000 difference sparked some grumbling, but the prolific author didn’t seem to be bothered when the Post asked about the Snooki situation.

“I don’t know her,” she said of the diminutive, tanned reality star. “And I don’t care.”

Although Morrison normally gets double the amount Rutgers is paying for similar appearances, she explained to the Post, “I have some nostalgia about Rutgers because I used to teach there so, in effect, I cut my fee in half.”

Nonetheless, some parents of Rutgers students aren’t happy with the discrepancy. “It’s disgusting,” Nester Delgado, the parent of a freshman, told the Post. “Next year, is it going to be Jwoww or The Situation?”


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