Farfalla – Mariposa!

butterfly Farfalla   Mariposa!

A Great Spring Day!

Whether it is in Italian (Farfalla) or Spanish (Mariposa) the Butterfly is one of the most peaceful creatures on earth.  Stress is a nasty demon that can kill you!  I suggest a relaxing and romantic stroll through a lush garden paradise with hundreds of Butterfly friends to keep you company.  It only happens once every spring so don’t procrastinate…

The Desert Botanical Gardens is a rare treasure here in the valley of the sun. Each spring they host the very popular Butterfly Pavilion which becomes a living cacoon of a Butterfly paradise.  It is a wonderful place for the family, kids, grand kids and a romantic first (or second or third) date with someone special.  When you enter this garden, there are ponds and various plants, flowers and the stars of the show…hundreds of Butterflies that fly about and land on your shoulder to give you a Farfalla baci (that’s Italian for a Butterfly kiss).  We have gone many times and it we always leave in a peaceful, relaxed state of mind and body.  The issues of the world begin to fade away when you become at one with nature at her finest.  This special event run through Mother’s Day at 1201 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix, AZ 85808.

Don’t miss it…just pick a date on the calender and DO IT!!


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