Mom Blows It And Scares Baby

adorable baby laughing baby 40222952277 xlarge Mom Blows It And Scares Baby

Babies are always so mystified by the simplest things. Whether they are cracking up over ripping paper  (That YouTube video went viral)  or they are like little five and a half month old Emerson here, shocked and then excited by his mommy blowing her nose.

Babies are great because they remind us to appreciate the simple things. They haven’t been beaten down by mortgage payments, 10 hour work days, or the recession yet. All they have to worry about is when to giggle and when to poop, all the while getting regular naps. I could get used to that kind of life! This video is sure to go viral and will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face. 
What a little cutie!

  • Liz

    Maria, you are so right! She’s so adorable, and that video clip has to be one of the most amusing things I’ve seen all week!!! Thanks for keeping the laughs coming! :)

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