How To Win Your March Madness Bracket

march madness How To Win Your March Madness Bracket

March Madness

Now that the 68 teams have been selected to play in the NCAA basketball tournament, you don’t have much time to strategize before the action begins tomorrow.  This year make smarter picks – and more money – with the six key stats shared by the majority of winning teams, according to statistician Pete Tiernan, owner of

1.  Don’t pick a seed lower than four. 24 out of 26 champions in the 64-team era were seeded one through four.

2.  Find experience. 24 out of 26 champions played in the previous year’s tournament.

3.  Honor thy conference. 24 out of 26 champions belonged to a power conference (ACC, Big Ten, Big East, and others).

4.  Honor thy coach. 24 out of 26 champions have coaches who’ve been to the tournament at least five times.

5.  Pick run-and-gun teams. 23 out of 26 champs averaged 77 points per game coming into the tournament.

6.  Mind the gap. 24 of 26 champs won by at least 10 points per game, on average, before the tournament.


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