Indiana Farmers Fought Daylight Savings Time…WHY?

farmer corn Indiana Farmers Fought Daylight Savings Time...WHY?

That Darn Sun Will Burn The Popcorn!

Daylight savings time is here and we in Arizona have chosen not to play, along with Hawaii and northern Indiana.  The idea was first suggested by Ben Franklin in the late 1700’s, but when it was debated in the seventies, many farmers in Indiana were not in favor of the idea…

Indiana is the largest producer of popcorn in the Unidted States. It is a true story that some farmers were fearful that the extra hour of sunlight would burn the crops or worse yet, the popcorn may actually begin to “POP” on the stalk! Well, perhaps that last part may not be true, but the basic story is true. I used to live in Indianapolis, Indiana in the early 80’s. As a big race fan, I loved to go to the Indy 500 or to “time trials” in the month of May. I always get a little jolt when Jim Nabors sings “Back Home Again In Indiana” at the start of the Indy 500 each year. I wasn’t born a Hoosier, but I did enjoy living there for a few years, just like Dallas, Denver, Pittsburg and now Phoenix, Arizona. Having lived in all of those places, I can clearly state that I have never seen one field of corn burned due to extra Sunshine from Daylight Saving’s Time! And we never will…so, sleep well tonight! Remember: “Don’t Do Anything!” Don’t Spring forward or Fall back…just enjoy a good night’s sleep and tomorrow morning your friends and relatives in other Time Zones will be out of sync with YOU..not the other way around!


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