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The Five Best and Worst Professions to Look for in a Future Husband

daddylove1 115 The Five Best and Worst Professions to Look for in a Future Husband

Future Husband For You?

Ladies, if you’re single and you’re hoping to find Mr. Right this weekend, the website The Stir has a list of the best and worst professions to look for in a future husband.

We’ll start with the BEST professions to look for in a husband:

#1.)  An Engineer.  He’ll get paid well, and won’t have to work as many hours as a doctor or a lawyer.  And engineers are usually in pretty high demand.

#2.)  A Teacher.  He won’t make much money, but he’ll be good with kids, have decent hours, and get summers off.

#3.)  A College Professor.  He’ll come with basically the same perks as a teacher, but with more money and usually more brains.

#4.)  A Firefighter.  Apparently the woman who wrote the article has a THING for firefighters.  But with that said, a lot of firefighters make very decent money and get to retire early with a good pension. 

#5.)  A Plumber.  According to PayScale.com, plumbers make between twenty and thirty dollars an hour.  Plus, they can fix basically anything around the house.

–Now, here are the WORST professions to look for in a future spouse:

#1.)  An Accountant.  They work long hours, can’t take time off during certain months of the year, and there’s a solid chance he’ll end up hating his job . . . or already does.

#2.)  A Psychiatrist.  They tend to psychoanalyze EVERYONE, including their spouses and their kids.  So every single day of your life will feel like therapy.

#3.)  A Surgeon.  Because of malpractice insurance and student loans, they don’t make as much as you think they do.  And they’re constantly on call.

#4.)  A Lawyer.  The money is good, but lawyers are constantly working, and they’re constantly stressed out . . . which will eventually make YOU stressed out.

 #5.)  A Professional Athlete.  Again, the money is good . . . but if you’ve paid attention to any pro athlete scandal EVER, you know that he’ll almost definitely cheat on you.


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