And The Winner Is…

oscar And The Winner Is...Lots of pictures today all over the internet from last night’s Oscar’s show.

By now you have probably had your fill of pictures for one day, right?

But wait!

I have a picture for you of a very pretty girl.

She did not win an Oscar last night.

In fact she has not been in any Hollywood movie, not yet anyway.

But I just had to put her picture up here.

Yes, you have probably guessed where I’m going with this.

Okay, well, if you have figured it out, please indulge me and take a look at this very, very pretty girl.  I think she is a doll!

ava 16 And The Winner Is...

Yes, once again, I am posting a picture of my granddaughter, Ava Violet.

A movie star some day?  Who knows?

An Oscar?  You just never know do you?


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