Arizona To Split Into TWO States?

baja arizona Arizona To Split Into TWO States?

Remember that episode of “Family Guy” where Peter Griffin creates his own country called Pretoria?  Well, it’s happening…for REAL!  This time, it’s residents of Pima County who want to create a 51st state called BAJA ARIZONA. 

(Courtesy of  Arizona Republic)

Some Southern Arizonans are joining forces to push for the creation of a 51st state carved out of Pima County. The new state would be called Bajamag glass 10x10 Arizona To Split Into TWO States? Arizona.

Organizers acknowledge there are big hurdles in creating Baja Arizona. They must first get on the ballot, then get approval from the Legislature or from state voters to allow the break off.

A new state constitution would have to be drafted and approved, plus they’d have to get the OK from Congress and the president.

Start Our State co-chairman Paul Eckerstrom tells the Arizona Daily Star at a minimum the drive to create a 51st state sends a message that Pima County doesn’t go along with priorities being outlined in Phoenix.

Start Our State already has a Facebook page showing what Baja Arizona would look like.


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