You Bought Your OWN Flowers?

to me from me You Bought Your OWN Flowers?

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with buying flowers for yourself.  But, when you go to the trouble to have them delivered to you…supposedly from someone else…that’s sad!  But, it’s not uncommon.  Yesterday, 23% of women did just that.  Any guess on the percentage of men who did?

(Courtesy of Chad UptonBroken Secrets)

According to, Valentine’s Day is tied for second place with Mother’s Day in most dollars spent on flowers. Surprisingly, Christmas and Hanukkah are tied for first.

It actually makes sense when you look at the breakdown of who is buying them and why.

For Christmas and Hanukkah, the majority of flowers are purchased for people’s own use (ie. decorating). For Valentine’s Day, only 9% are purchased for themselves and it’s not surprising that people spend more on themselves than other people.

If we just consider the people who buy Valentine’s Day flowers, these are some interesting stats:

  • 23% of women purchase them for themselves
  • 57% of men, purchase them for their spouse
  • 25% of men, purchase them for their significant other

While I sometimes question the accuracy of these surveys, I was pretty confident in this data when I read this statistic: 0% of men purchase flowers for themselves for Valentine’s Day.



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