Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Based on Her Personality Type


cupid2 Valentines Day Gift Ideas Based on Her Personality Type


If you’re stuck on what to get your woman for Valentine’s Day, we’ve got four gift ideas based on her personality type.

#1.)  She’s the Life of the Party.  Take her on a romantic weekend getaway without revealing where you’re going or what you’ll be doing.  Half of the people surveyed in a new poll say it’s the Valentine’s Day gift they want the most.

#2.)  She’s a Go-Getter.  You can’t really go wrong with jewelry for ANY type of girl, but it’s perfect for someone who’s a type-A go-getter.  Just make sure it’s CLASSY and not TACKY.

#3.)   The Nurturer.  Poems and love letters might be considered cheesy, but if she’s the nurturing type, they’re winners.  If you can’t write, just get her a book of poems.  Or just go with bouquet of her favorite flowers.

 #4.)  The Analyst.  That means she likes things that make life more organized or efficient.  Which can be difficult for you to make romantic . . . because nothing says ‘love’ quite like a Slap Chop.  (???)

 Instead, make her a fake coupon book filled with stuff like a back massage, a car wash, or a gourmet dinner at home.  Or if that’s too cheesy for you, get her a gift basket filled with candles, hand soap and lotion. 

You’re welcome!


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