Sue The Pigskin Off The NFL!

jerry jones goes from picking his nose to picking his attorney Sue The Pigskin Off The NFL!

While this year’s Super Bowl may have been the highest-rated, it was a debacle behind-the-scenes!  And, when I say “behind-the-scenes,” I mean JUST outside Cowboys Stadium.  That’s where 400 fans stood…locked out.  These 400 fans PAID for tickets!!!  Now, they’re suing the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones and if they have it their way, ANYONE who actually got their seats!

(Courtesy of Michael David SmithNBC Sports)

The first lawsuit over the Super Bowl XLV ticket fiasco has been filed.

The suit, filed in federal court in Dallas, accuses the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones of breach of contract, fraud and deceptive sales practices.

As we noted this morning, lawsuits are coming both on behalf of the 400 fans who were forced to watch the game on TVs in the bowels of the stadium because their temporary seats weren’t available and on behalf of Cowboys season ticket-holders who were given folding chairs with obstructed views, rather than the regular seats they were expecting.

None of the parties has commented on the lawsuit, although the NFL says it’s trying to make things up to the fans by offering triple their money back and a ticket to next year’s Super Bowl, or an all-expenses-paid trip to any future Super Bowl.

The ticket debacle started when the local fire marshal did not approve temporary seating at Cowboys Stadium. Although the league knew there were problems associated with the temporary seating during the week before the Super Bowl, the affected fans didn’t find out until they showed up on Super Bowl Sunday.


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