I Thought You Would Like To See What I’ve Been Talking About.


buick regal I Thought You Would Like To See What Ive Been Talking About.

2011 Buick Regal

If you’ve listened to the KOOL Morning Show anytime during the past few weeks, you’ve heard me talking about the all new Buick Regal for 2011 from Liberty Buick.  I took one home for a weekend, and really ran it through its paces.  Since then, I’ve talked about all the things I loved about it, and then I invited YOU to take the Liberty Buick Regal Challenge!  You can see the videos here at KOOLradio.com from people who did just that.  But, I found a few commercials, yes commercials, on YouTube that show you exactly what I’ve been talking about.

This really is a KOOL car.  Check it out…


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