Church Vs. Joints (Guess Who Wins?)

family feud Church Vs. Joints (Guess Who Wins?)

Sure, it doesn’t say much about our society.  But, it’s a HILARIOUS clip from Family Feud!  Steve Harvey‘s expressions are priceless.  Too bad nobody’s watching this show anymore…

  • Elizabeth Mueller

    That’s because Richard Dawson was the ultimate Family Feud host! Although, I loved him best on Match Game (with Gene Rayburn, Brett Summers, Charles Nelson Reilly & Company), because he was funny and brilliant!!!

  • Elizabeth Mueller

    I take it back, sort of, because I did not have time to watch the clip. Steve Harvey is FABULOUS!!! As usual, you are right – it was HILARIOUS!!!

    • Jeffrey T. Mason

      This is the second video from Steve Harvey’s reign that I find hilarious. I need to find the other and post it. Thanks for listening and reading my blog :-)

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