This Dog Is NUTS!

crazy dog tongue This Dog Is NUTS!

The blizzards plaguing people in the rest of the country are also plaguing DOGS!  The proof is in this video.  What the heck is wrong with this pooch???

UPDATE: Check out the comments on this one.  Some people believe this dog ate a goose!  Others say it’s not a dog at all, but a red fox.  No matter what, this video is required viewing :-)

  • PersnicketyProofreader

    Actually, the dog just swallowed an unsuspecting Canada goose and it’s honking and shoving the dog’s tongue out of the way, trying to get back out. Really.

    • Jeffrey T. Mason

      Are you serious??? I can hear the goose quacks! That’s some scary, scary stuff.

  • Doreen Heller

    Well…I believe the people are filming from outside…and the goose sounds are actually from a goose somewhere behind them? And the dog, well, justs likes the cold on his tongue?? That’s my guess! I know…I’m no fun.

    • Jeffrey T. Mason

      See, to me it looks like they’re filming from INSIDE, and the dog is OUTSIDE. Who knows? But, it sure makes you think!

  • Cheryl

    I don’t believe it is a dog, it is a red fox. Someone has set up a blind to film it, perhaps in its den…what the fox is doing, I have no clue! And yes, it doesn’t sound like a goose…

  • sage

    the fox is obviously licking the glass window…why? who knows

  • bet

    Clearly a red fox. !!!!!!!!!!! The sound is from elsewhere. It is not even in sync with the mouth! The fox is licking a window that probably has something on it he likes.

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