*UPDATE* Dog Of The Week

amber 02 01 11 *UPDATE* Dog Of The Week

Amber, the KOOL FM Dog of the Week, has found her forever home. (happy tears)

Dear Maria (and Tom),

As I always do, this morning I listened to your show  which I always enjoy.  Because today is Tuesday, I heard about Amber, the Australian Cattle Dog, who is KOOL’s Dog of the Week.

I am already owned by three ACD’s and know that they are an intelligent, loving obdient extraordinary breed.  I bounced out of work early this afternoon, drove home to pick up my ACD three-pack, and we drove back down to AHS to meet Amber.  Predictably, my easy going ACD’s were cool with Amber and she was just find and dandy with my three.  I had Amber microchipped and we came home.

Now that the initial sniffing is slowing down, a few of the dogs are ready to romp with Amber.  I’m heading outside to supervise.

Thank you for helping dogs (and cats?) in need of forever homes through your Tuesday campaigns.  Will you please consider always endorsing early spay/neuter?  The animals can’t afford to birth any “oops” litters!  There aren’t enough homes in Maricopa County.

amber 02 01 11 004 *UPDATE* Dog Of The Week


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